Let’s face it – the demands and impulses of our modern lifestyles create a lot of stress and maladaptive behaviors in our lives.  Counter Balance Herb Company was created to ‘counter balance’ the inadequate state of peoples’ health in our over-stretched, anxiety-ridden, and under-nourished society with organic, accessible, and effective liquid herbal extracts.

In addition to making products that are ethically and organically sourced as well as affordable, we seek to embody the integrity and wisdom gleaned from the best of modern nutrition & health sciences to produce an array of dietary supplement products that are second to none. With the cornerstones of virtues of health, justice, and evolving culture in mind, we strive to embody the richness of 21st century progressive ideals with a mission to produce safe and nourishing as well as hip and sophisticated dietary supplements of distinguishable quality, exceptional affordability, and dependable efficacy.


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